Button Bits

We are manufacturers of DTH Hammers & Button Bits under the brand name of GEMINI ROCK DRILLS.

The company products are respected in many areas as leading source of DTH products and other allied equipment for Water well Drilling, Mining, Construction, Civil Engineering and Quarrying Operations.

The company has its established in-house manufacturing facilities with own Forging Industry, CNC equipped Workshop and Sealed Quench Heat treatment Plant. The company is dedicated to provide its customers with leading edge solutions in rock drilling tool technology.

Our Manufacturing Range is as under

DTH & DTH cum Rotary Hammers from 3’’-10’’ suitable for Valve, Valve less, QL, Cop, SD etc.

CLUSTER Hammers,

Drilling Bits from 3”-14” suitable for valve, Valve less, QL, Cop, SD, NUMA, etc.

TAMROCK Bits of all sizes,

DRIFTER Bits of all R-series & T series,


Drilling Rigs, Tractor Mounted, Truck Mounted, Pallet Rigs,

And machinery spares, Sleeves, Adaptors etc.

(Note: As per customers specifications we all manufacture Hammers & Bits.)

All the above products are international standards and continue efforts are made to further Improve the performance of our products.

We adopt stringent quality control and quality assurance methods to ensure best performance of our products. We now therefore request you to kindly register our name in your vendors list and kindly arrange to send us your reply along with your requirements.

  • We are among the pioneer of the ‘BUTTON BITS , HAMMERS AND ITS SPARE PARTS Producers. Manufacturing in a wide variety of down hole percussion bits for all popular hammers.

  • Each manufacturing stage of the bits from forging to the buttons insertions is controlled by the modern technology and stringent quality control standards. Bits are available in designs each for specific type of formations.

  • The “RockBuster” design is the ultimate button bit innovation, that has shown a great versatility with fast penetration rates and exceptional resistance and durability.

  • Button Bits all kinds of Tapered drill equipments.

  • We can supply cross bits from diameter 32mm to 80 mm or according to customers choice

  • We can supply all kind of Button Bits with “ROPE THREAD” (R25, R 32, R38 AND TEETH THREAD T 38, T 45) Shake adoptors, coupling sleeves and extension rods

  • Button Bits (DTH) is as follows:
    • Panther, DH4, COP 4, COP 42, 4 ¾- 41/2” button bits 4 ½ inches (114mm Machine Mega Button Bits 6”, 6 ½”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10” 12”. To 15” etc

    • Digger (M6) Button Bits 6”, 61/2”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10” to 15” etc.

    • D17 Button Bits 8”, 9” 12” 15” 18” etc,

    • R K 1 Button Bits 9” 10” 11” to 18”

    • HP 360 Button Bits, 6’ to 15”


    All the process is computerized and follow the International Norms as follows:
    • Carburizing

    • Annulling

    • Cooling

    • Machining

    • Harding

  • Over all the sizes and quality will be checked by the well qualified team under the quality control department.

  • The fixing of the Carbides (tungsten carbides) with 10 to 15 RD hardness which give the better result in any kind of formation of the rock

  • Above all our Button Bits and Hammer and its spare running successfully in India as in the South Africa since last 12 years.